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----- A&F Marketing – Consumer Psychology has switched to a mediated-only work schedule with all communications administered via telephone, eMail, or online. For any query initiate contact by sending an email to the appropriate person. If in doubt, 
email mwolfra@ae.uni-kiel.de -----

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A&F Marketing focuses on consumer psychology in food, agribusiness, tourism, and hospitality contexts. Key research areas include consumer responses to visual marketing stimuli, consumer-brand relationships, cross-cultural issues, and brand management. Methodological competencies range from experimental designs to surveys, observations, psycho-physiological measurements, and neuro-imaging. Analytical approaches center around quantitative analyses including structural equation models.

Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice

Professor U. Orth: Member, Editorial Review Board

Journal of Business Research

Professor U. Orth: Member, Editorial Review Board Buyer Behavior Track