A&F Marketing - Consumer Psychology


Our research is centered around the areas of food products (including beverages) and tourism with academic rigor and managerial relevance as overarching principles. We strive for excellence by extending current knowledge beyond descriptive assessments to specifically address the "Why" in buyer behavior and psychology. Depending on objectives and beneficiaries our approaches include qualitative and quantitative methods, international and cross-cultural samples, and most often benefit from our ever-expanding network of distinguished experts from other disciplines and around the globe.


The following types of research activities are conducted:

  • Grant-based research (usually more substantial projects)
  • Research sponsored by private businesses and industries (i.e., to assist in individual problem detection and solution)
  • Research supported by private businesses (e.g., academic projects supported through managerial expertise and contributions other than financial)
  • Fee for service (e.g., smaller and standardized solutions, workshops, seminars)
  • Student-assisted research with high research team involvement (i.e., Marketing Consulting Seminar)
  • Student-based research with research team guidance (e.g., bachelor and master thesis)

For additional information, contact Prof. Orth