A&F Marketing - Consumer Psychology


“Finding Harmony Between Gender Identity and Design Preferences of Consumers”, EMAC 1st Junior Faculty & Doctoral Student Research Camp, 02 September 2016, Vienna, Austria

“Designing Culturally Specific Wine Packages: The Case of Visual Harmony”, AWBR Conference, 18 February 2016, Adelaide, Australia.

“Moralische Entkopplung: Ein Erklärungsansatz zum (un)verantwortlichen Handeln von Konsumenten“, 65th Annual Conference of Faculty of Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences, 05 February 2015, Kiel, Germany.

“I” Value Contrast, but “We” Appreciate Harmony: Self-construal Reflects Cultural Differences in Response to Visual Design, AMA Summer Marketing Educators’ Pre-Conference, 01 August 2014, San Francisco, USA.