A&F Marketing - Consumer Psychology


Nathalie Nibbe graduated from the CAU with her Bachelor of Science degree in Food Science in 2007. During the 3 years of her studies, she worked for several companies as an intern for example at Ethicon GmbH, Nestlé Deutschland AG and EFM Health Club and in Australia to gain working experience.

She finished the Master of Science degree in Food Science in February 2010. In order to write her Master Thesis with the title "The influence of Bodily Behavior Feedback on consumer response to design" she went to Lundquist College of Business of the University of Oregon, USA for three months. In March 2010, she joined the PhD Program at the CAU with the emphasis on "The interaction of sensory modi and the influence on brand communication". Additionally she worked part time at Odournet GmbH, a company with the focus on odor measurement. Currently she works as sensory expert and senior consultant in the department of product and material testing for the company Olfasense.