A&F Marketing - Consumer Psychology

About the Lab

The Consumer Lab is a research laboratory in the A&F Marketing – Consumer Psychology department at Kiel University. Our research focuses on consumer psychology and behavior in consumer goods, agribusiness, and tourism contexts. Key research areas include consumer responses to marketing visuals, consumer-brand relationships, cross-cultural issues, brand management, and innovative research methods. For generating new insights into consumer behavior from a multi-methodological perspective, the Consumer Lab includes a facility for working with focus groups, in-depth interviews and a range of technical research equipment, such as:

  • Implicit Association Test (IAT)
  • Eye-Tracking
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Equipment


To support data collection, the Consumer Lab maintains the

Consumer Panel Nord
If you register in our consumer panel (click here to register), you will – once in a while - receive invitations to participate in one of our experiments and studi