A&F Marketing - Consumer Psychology

Dr. Mirjam Holm

Research Assistant

Mirjam graduated from CAU with her Bachelor of Science in 2010 and with her Master of Science in 2013 (specialization in food and consumer economics). Her research interest centers on cross cultural consumer behavior, for example, so she wrote her Master Thesis on „Cultural differences in individual evaluation of facial emotion in social context: A Chinese-German Comparison“. 

Between October 2008 and February 2009 Mirjam worked as an intern at KULAU GmbH, where she was responsible for consumer care, food labeling, and research in the areas of the target group analysis, market analysis, and packaging. During her studies Mirjam gained practical work experience as a hostess at a variety of events such as organized by IFA, INTERNORGA, AUDI, Generali.

On 25th of April 2018 Mirjam Holm succesfully defended her dissertation with the title „Kundenreaktionen auf das nonverbal dominante Verhalten von Verkaufs- und
Servicepersonal unter Berücksichtigung der fundamentalen Dimensionen sozialer Kognitionen“.


  • Holm, M., Orth, U. R., Bouzdine-Chameeva, T., & Wirtz, J. (2016). Are Dominant Wine Counsellors More Effective With Consumers?. In 9th Academy of Wine Business Research Conference (p. 117).

Presentations and Activities

  • Teilnahme am 23rd Annual SERVSIG Doctoral Consortium, Bergen, Norway, 22-23 Juni 2016.

  • “The Persuasion Effectiveness of Service Employees: The Role of Nonverbal Dominance”, Vortrag auf der 25. Frontiers in Service Conference, Bergen, Norway, 24 Juni 2016.

  • "Ohne Worte: Körpersprache als effektives Instrument in Beratung und Verkauf", Vortrag  im Rahmen der Veranstaltung „Marketingimpulse“ des Marketing Club Schleswig-Holstein e. V. , Kiel, 08 September 2015.

  • "Service Employees' Nonverbal Dominance and Consumer Outcomes", Vortrag auf dem 6. International Research Symposium in Service Management, Kuching, Malaysia, 11-15 August 2015.

  • "Kundenreaktionen auf Marketingmaßnahmen im Agribusiness – Kartoffeln online, Traktoren schick verpackt und Skandale ohne Dauer", Vortrag im Rahmen der Jahreshauptversammlung, Verein landwirtschaftlicher Fachbildung Ostholstein, 18 März 2014.

  • Mirjam Holm takes over as Editorial Assistant, International Journal of Wine Business Research. Oct - Dec 2013.